Monday, October 13, 2014

The Dream Chimney - Gently Baked

Our gently baked new guest mix comes from the Dream Chimney aka Ryan Chimney known for making beautiful music as the Beat Broker. Coming from California - the mecca of new age - he blesses us with heavenly fumigated electronica!

I'd like to use this post to deeply THANK YOU Ryan for creating one of most wonderful places in the web. Like thousands of others I discovered tons of great tunes and musicians through the TOTD. On top of that I got to know some wonderful people there as well. Long live the Dream Chimney!!


Anonymous said...

Opening track id, please? Sick mix!

- Lifer

Ryan Chimney said...

intro is a slightly edited version of G.E.N.E. "Maledives Caleidoscope" see

Unknown said...

An f-in magic mood mix - as always, man. What about the track @49:10? Keep em comin'//jay-ay-cee-kay

Anonymous said...

Hi! What a freaking great vibe on this one. Keep em comin! Please identify the track track @49:10. Both soundhound and shazam are going nuts on that one /Jack from Sweden