Tuesday, July 29, 2014


i can tell you it feels great to release one of the most wonderful albums I've ever heard!! we're talking about A.r.t. Wilson's Overworld here. A.r.t. aka Andras Fox originally recorded this for the contemporary dance work Overworld by Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen and released this april on tape in limited quantities.
Now it's available in "classy white" and "pink lake" vinyl.
The presale just started, so if you want to make sure to get a copy order it here


RadioWizard said...

Interesting tracks. Like to listen to ambient occasionally, and those were nice.

SilentWay said...

I have NO IDEA have I stumble on your blog but I'm glad I did. i listen to ALL kinds of music. I have 2 blogs that post rock, jazz, blues and etc bootlegs. I'm adding you to the blogs we follow section of both. You can check them out by viewing my profile. Thanks...this is excellent.

monkeyking said...

got my copy in pink...and i´m happy...wonderful music!!!!
go ahead growing bin...my respect;)

monkeyking said...

got my copy in pink...and i´m happy...wonderful music...go ahead growing bin...my respect;)

Thiago Capanema said...

The mysterious eight track from DJ Mitsu Mixtape 'Library Mix'


Since 2008 I've been searching for this track (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdsNt4ZV7D8) from DJ Mitsu the Beats mixtape "Library Mix" without success.
So I've tried to ask Mr. Mitsu himself on twitter, and he replied me (https://twitter.com/mitsu_the_beats/status/308925690600906753):

@mitsu_the_beats check this one. http://www.discogs.com/Steve-Gray-Sound-Stage-14-Peak-Power/release/3286584

I've asked on discogs if this track was on this album, and an user replied me (http://www.discogs.com/reviews?release=3286584#c229211):

"It's not on this record, that 8th track in the DJ Mitsu-mix, even though the sound & production is very similar."

Another user, on "Library Mix" page on discogs.com told that the eight track was Peak Power, by Steve Gray (http://www.discogs.com/reviews?release=1733092#c228036).

Today I've found this album to download on Soulseek. Peak Power, by Steve Gray is a totally different track. I've listened to the whole album and the eight track by Mitsu is not there.

So, I'm here, begging for your mercy and help. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHICH TRACK IS THAT?

Thanks in advance and best regards.