Monday, April 28, 2014

Prins Emanuel - Leisure and Business

We have a lovely new guest mix!
It's a synthastic trip around the musical globe recorded by Malmö bound producer and DJ Prins Emanuel. He's one of the label heads of Fasaan and Chalice, the later one with an awesome recent release with tracks by Sasac, Golden Ivy and one of Prins Emanuel's monikers Witch Doctor. Check out also the Midnight Cruise EP - recorded together with Golden Ivy from late 2012. Looking forward to hearing more from the duo. There will be a 12" and also an album coming later this year!!
Follow them on soundcloud - but first check out his Leisure and Business mix...

Thanks a lot Emanuel!!

Robert Fripp - 1988 (E.G Records, UK, 1987)
Fiedler Eitner Schlott - Unit II (Amiga, GDR, 1987)
Benoît Widemann - Tsunami (Ballon Noir, France, 1979)
Mammane Sani - Bodo (Sahel Sounds, Reissue, US, 2013)
Mort Garson - Let The Sunshine In (A&M Records, US, 1969)
Claudette Et Ti Pierre - Zanmi Camarade (Macaya Records, Haiti, 1979)
Thomas Mapfumo And The Blacks Unlimited ‎– Moyo Wangu (Mango Records, US, 1989)
Glen Adams - Mad Blank (Tuff Gong, Jamaica, 197?)
Wildfire - Try Making Love (Wirl Records, Barbados, 1977)
Witch - To Be Felt (ICE, Reissue, Canada, 2014)
Kamuran Akkor ‎– Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz (İstanbul Plak, Turkey, 197?)

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