Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Records rules

For E. & C.

Here's some high flyin' italian disco from 1979 ripped from a copy that was still sealed when I got it. Guessing from the instrumentation I expected Jazz Rock, but no no - it's Funk & Disco... Most of the tracks are really uptempo and I actually don't like uptempo disco, but the usual cheesy strings and crowds of backing girls are missing here - the sound is rather funky and I really like THAT. My #1 fave here is "Hey Lover" - a wonderful summer jam. Download instantly, put it on your ipod and get yourself some sunrays!

Or get your copy here. The prices for this gem have really gone down over the years. Cheers, Basso


tal said...

Please put the link back on, so I can write a real comment :)

fpunk said...

This looks very interesting. I love italo disco and I've never heard of this group.

basso said...

Sorry guys, here it is again.

Tex said...

It is the fault of THIS BLOG, RIGHT HERE, that I am becoming addicted to 70s Italian Disco.

There is no cure for those afflicted with this addiction. The only hope for addicts is to receive regular audio infusions of the drug for the remainder of their long lives.

(it's all your fault, Growing Binners)

Anonymous said...

danke basso, bitte sei gnädig mit den lakonischen runterladern, die dir so viel zu danken hätten, daß sie sich das alles gar nicht mehr anhören könnten was du ihnen zu verfügung stellst, an tollen platten!