Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lithuanian Space

The last lp from Argo. Žemė L was released in 1985 and is much more experimental than Discophonia, their first lp. Synthesizers, guitar and electronic percussion. The vocal intro on the first track and the vocal outro on the last track were by Mikas Matkevičius who was 73 at the time of the recordings.

Žemė L


luke said...

bravo, basso. this is a fantastic album. thank you!

basso said...

Sorry Luke, I cannot accept your gratitude as we have to thank Zeroy for this great album! Thanks Zeroy!!

basso said...

I like this one even better than that one:

jack_faith said...

more argo. excellent z. Just checking folk tune now. Beautiful coaster.

the saucer people said...

Big thanks to the mighty Zeroy for unearthing this dazzling treasure!
I really liked Discophonia but I always had the feeling that Argo were holding themselves back for some reason, too restrained and this is the freakin' proof! This album is "da shizzle" as the young people say!

Over the last year or so I have collected a small number of communist era 'Eastern European' disco and electronica from the seventies and eighties and some of the tracks are so tripped out and paradoxically some of the records still sound kinda contemporary and I think this is because they did not simply copy the western disco/electronic blueprint but added their own flavour to it and as most people in the west never heard this music at the time, it still sounds fresh to our ears...the problem is the language barrier so I rely on posters like Basso, Zeroy and the others to bring this amazing music into the light and I am so grateful to them all for exposing me to all this strange and beautiful music!

Pornotrond said...

Amazing post as usual on this blog. I absolutely love this album! Unique stuff, thanks :)

elusive said...

great! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Here is another LP's:
Argo - The Light (1983)
@320 kbps:

Basso said...

Thanks a TON!!!

Anonymous said...

Argo - The Light (1983)

1. The World is Waking Up Inside of Me
2. A Play With The Sun
3. Oh How This Day Is Bright
4. Awakenin' Of Our Feelings
5. Soft Touch of Light Beam
6. I'm Seein' Light of Life

Argo - electronic music group lead by Gedrus Kuprevicius (b.1941)
All selections composed by Gedrus Kuprevicius

Boys Group Choire 'Azuoliukas' (it means'oak seedling little tree') - (1,6)
Gintaras Kizavicius - vocals (2,3)