Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ja! Ja! Ja!

Ja Ja Ja is Frank Samba, Julie Jigsaw and Wietn Wito. Their first and only LP was produced by Pyrolator back in 1982. In opposition to a lot of young german bands of that time the vocals are english mostly. If you want them categorized - Ja Ja Ja sounds like something between the B52s and The Dance or Tom Tom Club plus a little bit of rapping on Graffitti Artists International. And they sound fresh! Check out I am an animal and you know what I mean.



Anonymous said...

There's a 192 kb zip here:

Anonymous said...

sweet groove

Anonymous said...

yepp! great stuff

Anonymous said...

My Grandpa like to say :
" Good things come to those who wait. "

I've lost this album in the early 90s .

Thanks for posting