Monday, June 22, 2009


What a lovely album! Listened to all my Linda Lewis LPs
this weekend and I enjoyed them a lot. This one's my fave.
Not because of the great gimmix cover!!
Tracks like Guffer or Goodbye Joanna give me a shiver.
I hope you'll enjoy it, too.



Anonymous said...

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

I am enjoyin' it!
thank you Basso,
totally new for me

Richard said...

Love it!

tim said...

basso! this is incredible! many many e-thanks for uploading this!

thoth said...

thank you so much for sharing. great cover, you are right!

trakbuv said...

This and Lark are 2 of the best LPs ever made - simple as that !!

Excellent choice - and those shimmering violins on 'Fathoms deep' make that one of my all-time knee tremblers.

Harmonix said...

Her voice is incredible. Thanks for this one.

kefir said...

Please Re-Up Please! 8)
We need this!
Thank You,

kefir said...

Please Re-Up Album!
We need this!
Thank You!

basso said...

It's back!!!